To minimize damage and extend the life of the product, we recommend storing it alone, packed in the accompanying pouch or box (or any another of your personal collection). Metals such as stainless steel are proved to be hypoallergenic and highly durable, but in any case we recommend that you avoid contact with seawater or chlorinated water, strong soaps, household cleaners and chemicals (perfumes, sprays, body creams) so that your favorite piece of art accompanies you for a longer period!

Tip: Before storing your products, remove residues or moisture and polish your jewelry with a dry and clean cotton cloth!


Follow the instructions on the inner label of the product.


Avoid contact with chemicals and strong soaps, avoid storage in places constantly exposed to high temperatures, clean them in a circular motion using non-alcoholic / baby wipes and remove excess with a dry cotton cloth. For suede surfaces, apply dry cleaning.


To maintain its original shape avoid placing the hat on your head by touching the crown, but use your both hands by touching the brim. Avoid contact with water and chemicals, do not store in places constantly exposed to high temperatures. In case of a water accident, the best place for a hat with a straight brim to dry, is a flat surface, while for hats with a curved brim, is your own head. Hats with a straight brim that carry no decoration on their surface, can be ironed at a low temperature using a cotton cloth between the iron and the product. Then allow the product to dry completely before being stored. Store your product in its box to retain its unique shape and good condition of its accessories and avoid folding if not applicable by manufacturer.