Fashion trends, the 2022 edition.

Spring 2022 fashion trends are a throwback to the New York fashion week and London fashion week, mixed in with 1920’s and 1930’s fashion trends. The global pandemic has had a massive influence over this season’s Michael Kors collection, with flowy leisurewear popping up by Loewe and Dior. Charles Jeffrey, Miu Miu, and Prada introduced the pleated skirts, skirt suits, and air parachute tailored trousers for the professional look. We can notice a ‘back to work’ theme creeping in.

Chances are, you can rummage through some of your early 2000s clothes and find enough gems to add to your spring wardrobe. Designers have experimented with bold looks and geometrical silhouettes this year, so you can spice up your closet and get some inspiration from the trend below.

  • The shoulder-padded coats are also in this season.
  • The return of the mini skirt
  • Bold bright colours
  • Clickbait accessories

Happy season,